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OS : Married Again Part 2 : A Marriage So Beautiful and Blessed

Part 1 : Trapped Or Blessed
Part 2 : A Marriage So Beautiful and Blessed

and they fought more
Finally completely exhausted and without a solution they decided to take shelter in the farm house
Arnav took the small bag je always keeps in his SUV, almost like an emergency kit ,with some blankets , bottles of water , candles ,lighter, biscuits ..everything a person needs , thanks a million to Mrs.Anjali Jha and her adverse caring attitude non stop .. Khushi smiled .
Arnav was guiding her to one of the Huts, Khushi grabbed his Hands and guided him towards temple .
Arnavji as we are here I would like to lit the Diya in Mandir First
Arnav has already learned to listen to his wife ,as he understood there is no point in arguing back
As expected there was oil and diyas and all , Khushi tied her Dupatta in knot In her sides and started to clean the place and pour oil in the Diyas and all while Arnav gathered dried logs to keep them warm
His rugby shirt was drenched and completely soaked , finally he decided to remove it , completely unaware of his bare bodies effect on Khushi Kumari Gupta .. And continued working.

Satisfied by her quick arrangements and immediate decorations with flowers she found nearby , she decided to start Pooja and turned to call arnav
Awhhaa… Khushi screamed
Kya Hua .. Arnav stared at her , he was arranging the woods in the Hawan Pit , chopping with not so small handy knife he found in the Tool Box
Aa aaap kapadey Kyun Utharey Huey hi ..
Why are you Shirtless ..
He rolled his eyes , Why am I shirtless . cant she see that i m working Whatever ,time to teach Khushi a lesson he thought smirking then made a serious face .hmm In fact Mrs Raizada I think you to should take off your clothes too
WHAT THE  !! …For What …she stammered
Not What , why .. Are not feeling cold ,drenched ..he shook his head uff and smiled
Thumney kya Socha ..What you have thought … he started to take slow measured steps towards her , a naughty smirk forming in the corners of his lips ..
Khushi caught off guard .. Vo Vo …
She quickly scanned the bag nearby and took a long Shawl out of it and went to Arnav and covered his upper half ..
Its very cold .. You will get cold ..and .. I have to do pooja ..
Arnav looked at her , narrowed his brows .. But then saw her keeping herself busy in lighting the Diyas .. little shivering partly due to cold then some wild thoughts running her mind unordered , she tried to concentrate , fill her mind with divine thoughts ,Arnav’s gaze on her not helping , she prayed hard
He decided to go back and lit the fire , he saw her shivering and her lips quivering , he took it ,its because of her drenched state and decided to play around later
Finally he is done , he tried to lit the fire with lighter , but little wet flakes did not give in , he looked around he saw Khushi sitting and doing the Pooja , he saw the diyas he thought something he went to her.
She saw him coming and bending down to take one of the Diya , Khushi stopped him and eyed him to sit down and fold his hands
And he sat , Together they completed Pooja , Finally she pushed a piece of biscuit to his mouth .
What The ! ..
Prasad ..he he …she giggled ..
Now shall I .. He asked , happy and contented she nodded
He stood and took a Diya and went back to Hawan Pit ..
Khushi Confused .. she thought he may be praying or feed her back
Then she saw him pouring the oil in diya on the logs and then him lighting it and sitting nearby it to warm him up ..
What The !... Arnavji ..what are you doing ..she stomped to him in anger
You made Hawan Kund the bonfire . Hey devi Mayya Forgive him ..
What do you think you are doing , don't you know you cant lit it just like that ..oh to whom I m speaking , how would the lad governor have clue on all this , he is such a stupid …
Excuse Me .. He tried to break her non stop chanter
Ha ha Excused .. Actually not ..Arnavji do you know the importance of this Hawan , this can not be lit just like that , there is some ritual and procedure for everything , like we do lit it for Poojas , then on Marriage ..
He found her cute , shhh ..Khushi .. Relax ..ok .. Anyway we are going to lit it for Tomorrow on our wedding , just think we did a small inauguration .. As in Olympics and all, we start fire here and take the flame in a torch and .. Start there ..
He closed her mouth smacking softly on her chin ..
He know more is coming , he quickly change the topic , now you tell me why they lit this Hawan and all on Wedding , what's those all rituals mean ..i .don't have a clue he softly pressed her down making her sit nearby him holding her hands , and she immediately forgot her fight and started to explain him .. He knew she too need to warm up herself and if he ask her to do it around the Hawn Pit , she is never going to listen
He smiled on himself , his own smartness
Ok .. Now on the wedding Ladki ladka will sit like this holding Hands .Imagine like this he hold his hands
Arnav looked in to her eyes .. Kiya
Then The Panditji will place various pooja things and ask you to put it in fire .. Like this ..she explained ..he followed her looking in to her eyes romantically
She explained importance of each and every small bits of pooja and they did follow everything in their own imaginary way ..she even chanted the mantras explaining its meaning he followed sincerely
Khushi : Ok Now we have to tie like this ..before taking Pheres , Meaning we will be together in each and every step of our lives .. She tied the end of her Dupatta which she already put around her head and the end of his Shawl .
Now we have to stand up and then The Panditji will be reciting this Mantra and she recited and explained its meaning taking the first Phera ..
Now You have to walk ahead of me , meaning and Arnav recited the Mantra surprising Khushi ..She stared Arnav with wide eyes full of shock ..
A..A ,.Arnavji …
Shhh .. Khushi ..and he pushed her in front of him , recited the Mantra explained its meaning and pushed her slowly to walk ahead ..she now utterly shocked did what he asked to , to confirm herself in shock she too joined him in reciting the Mantras and repeating its meaning …
Finally at the end of 7th Phera , she with welled eyes , with contented heart bent down and took his blessings and he lifted her up to his Arms in a tight Hugs ..
Now our Vivah Sampann Hua … he smiled through his own tears patting her softly , she was crying … completely happy ..
Then they heard almost all the Bells of Temple Tolling if somebody is blessing on them ………….. They closed their eyes and in their heart silently took her blessing the precious, most important … which only has meaning ……
Ok now comment how is this part ,if you want next important Part 3 ;) soon , 
Do you want to Keep our Arnav Bituwa waiting Bolo .

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  1. Excellent Mee, Kya zaberdust likha hai and the pics...all were so beautifully placed that i was shocked when it ended as i was totally engrossed in it. Welldone and keep up the good work Larki....

    1. LOL ...Larki ..ha ha somebody addressed me like this for the first time i like it ha ah

  2. ha ha ha....upload part 3...:-)

    1. Response Not Good Enough seems people Dont Like This Much

  3. Wonderful. Loved it.


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