Monday, September 24, 2012

OS : Miya Biwi Raazi Tho Kya Karey Deepali

002-2012-09-24004-2012-09-24Rk Lifts Madhu and Goes to His room
Deepali fumes But She quickly gathers her wits and follow them
Madhu Was squirming in his Hands ..RK are You lost it ? What are You Doing . Do you want me To remind You about Our Contract.. she saw Deepali quickly climbing Steps .She stopped fighting immediatelyRK wonders what made his Biwi to stop Almost Abruptly .. He Looked around and Found Deepali coming , He smirks thinking about his Biwi after all no matter is his Biwi A perfect Match like Bittuji said
He romantically chants ..001-2012-09-24Biwi ..Biwi … cant You see What Deepali had done to welcome Us ..She made complete beautiful arrangements to our Suhag Rath though we don't need it ..he purposefully winked , i think instead of asking questions to me You should thank her …Madhu though shocked by RK’s words quickly turns and still in his arms speak to Deepali
Thank You Deepali …003-2012-09-24All Deepali could do was just acknowledge it nodding curtly, still her curious mind wanted to stay around , she got in to Rishab’s room before them ,started to arrange Pillows making place so that Rishab can lay Madhu in one side.RK Madhu is not feeling well.. So she better stay in her room ….. .Deepali said hesitantly , she cant even think Madhu staying whole night with RK.RK smiled at Madhu in a meaningful wayYesterday too she was not well ..right Biwi .. and he laid Madhu and turned his head left and right then back, as if to relieve from the neck sprain ,i need to rest and he fell on the other side of bed quickly
Whole night she slept on my shoulders and ..Madhu got angry , How can he say whole night i slept on his shoulder ,
You are forgetting RK, Not Whole Night
Not whole night RK she retorted angrilyRK paused looked intensely at Madhu ,Yes not whole Night , You didn't let me sleep …with your .. .Deepali got it all wrong , her gutter mind started to work on it and RK cant stop himself from smiling warmly at Madhu , Madhu at first got trapped by what she said then seeing Deepali feeling uncomfortable , cant help herself from blushing and she looked RK
Seeing him smile Like a Cute Kid She Too smiled ..Deepali saw both RK and Madhu looking at each other and smiling and the deep red of beautiful blush on Madhu’s cheek was Prominent enough to Burn her inside out , as there is nothing left for her she stomped out Of room without saying anything making Madhu completely understand what's her actual problem is .. ,. While climbing down Deepali heard a group laughter cracking up behind her from RKs room .Her face turned darker ..Hey dear friends its My First Attempt On RK Madhu tell me How is It .. Reply me


  1. hahahahaha..Awesome .. can just imagine Deepali's face during RK MB conversation ;) Waisee .. do we know actually HOW RK and Deepali are related rather WHAT is their relationship ??

  2. I read this OS on IF . Its nice Thought dear .

  3. awesome...........liked part is the group laugh

  4. its really great and awesome..i like it...

  5. it was a good one... im still confused as to who this madhu is! whoever she is i dont like her :|

  6. Lovely dear..
    Do write more on them.. :-)


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