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OS : Married Again Part 1 : Trapped or Blessed ? …

Intro : They forgot the cell in home and visited the Farm house where Arnav had beautiful memories about his mother , A Special Place His Mother Always loved .The nature or some unknown power play with them in the form of heavy rain and they gets trapped in the Farm house  , where there was a biggest surprise for Khushi .. A Mandir and what if they again remarry there , after this much love Arnav openly pouring [ His taking her to the secret personal emotional farm house of mommy and declaring her as his mothers bhau... Clap what else khushi need more Angry stupid dadis ‘ hands of stop ‘ on wedding ..Shocked ] Demanding a wedding with full materialistic rituals seems meaningless to Khushi and what if they again remarry in that temple and what if they consummate ... and then when they go back and face the complications after becoming one forever ..
A beautiful and Possible Twist Which will turn the events more Dramatic and I m just penning down in the form of OS , read and reply with your precious comments
Part 1 : Trapped Or Blessed
Both sat at the log holding hands looking at the beauty of the nature around them so blissful , serene
It seems time has been stopped for long , not even a leaf is moving , Arnav and Khushi was in the trance of eternal bliss of their beautiful love , the new levels of trust and worship they just discovered again
Ding .. Ding
The sound of Bell from not so distant brought them back to the mortal world
Whats it Arnavji ? seems its like from a Mandir ..
Arnav stood up held her hand and said
Common Khushi I almost forgot , I think I should show you this too You would definitely like it ..Its
He guided her through woods to a beautiful and old stone structure , a Mandir
Khushi's eyes widened in surprise she looked Arnav
His gaze was on Mandir and reminiscing some memories started to say something ..Khushi interrupted
Your mom used to do a lots of Pooja right ??.and she cackled like crazy
he looked at her in surprise and seeing her laugh he figured out how could she have made out it and both said together
Khushi : Anjali Dee
Arnav : Dee …
They laughed , thinking just like Arnav Inherited his mothers gardening as his Hobby Anajli inherited her mothers habit of doing lots and lots of Poojas
Arnav smacked his head and by the time his laugh subsided he saw Khushi climbing the steps of Mandir and gesturing him to follow her
Arnav shook his head in no , then by seeing her cutely pouting he decided to join her , he was about to climb the steps she with jutted eyes reminded him of taking his shoes off , he remembered how his mother used to remind him to do the same showing false anger
They stood before the Idol of Devi Mayya with folded hands and silently prayed
Then they felt Wind Blowing around strongly and almost all bells started to toll
As if someone is blessing them , Khushi looked Arnav in surprise he was not able to explain though he was shaken from inside and surprised realizing a while ago when they heard the first toll of Bell there was no Wind at all was more like someone beckoning them to be here at this moment
Before they could speak the rain started to pour heavily , blessing and trapping the two Love Birds in the Temple
Khushi : devi mayya now how we will Go back Arnavji ..
Arnav dismissed all the confusions in his heart, came to Khushi relax Khushi .. We will .. A naughty smirk formed in his lips ..he hold her hands dragged her out in the rain …
We Will run …. Before Khushi could realize and protest for what had happened she was completely drenched and was about to say something seeing Arnav laughing like a child and Running , she too smiled and ran with him to the Car

Dichak dichak dichak … giich geech ..geech …
Khushi smacked her head , thinking about the Nth futile effort, Arnavji …
Arnav was completely irritated by Now ..Khushi I m trying …
Ha ha ..for the half an hour you are doing this only ..
He looked angrily at her and went out opening door , she tried to stop him but he went out and started to check the engine .
After a while Khushi thought something and went out in rain and said him
Arnavji ..let me see
Happy ji had taught me how to ..a
Khushi rahney do leave it , I know how much you know about these machines
Ha ha .. That time I was little confused , that was electrical generator .. This is Car I know it better .. You don't even know how to change a wheel ..
Ya ..and you gave me the book ..what was it ..vahan-rakha ..
and they fought more
So How is It …
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