Thursday, August 16, 2012

OS : My Habit

My Habit
16 August 2012
She heard a screeching sound from the window , she was laying unable to sleep staring at the dangling stars , thinking about the things happened during day , so much has been changed , when he heard the sound she immediately sat up ,

She thought for a while , bit her lips thoughtfully and turned the light off , she went to window and slowly opened it and whispered

Arnavji , !!

Arnav surprised , he after trying to open the window hid himself , he don’t wanted her to be panic and scream , but here she ?

Did Nk Called You ..informed u .?

Nahee Tho ..Vo bhee aya hi ..she stretched her head out to search him while helping him to climb up …


When he was getting in to car , Nk from somewhere dropped in front of him and stopped
Nannav merey Bhaee you stupid , how you will hide the car in Khushi's small streets ..bolo bolo ..and he welcomed him to his bike ..i will drop you Arnav surprise

How do You Know .. ?? Forget it .. Why should I hide my car ..He irritated

Then Nk gave him a long lecture and somehow able to convince about the impropriety of visiting Khushi like that , and above all Arnav was stumped down when Akash also appeared to support him ,Finally Arnav has to agree and Nk dropped him On his bike and Both Akash and NK gave him a very descriptive plan to be a 'Peeping Tom" and he here ,
When they landed At Lakshmi Nagar Arnav got a call from Anjali ..
"chotey ..Subah Jaldee Ana ..Dadi 5 bajey Udthey hi . Hum Uhney Subah Subah Mandir le jayengey ..Ok ..." Arnav smiled and said ..
:Thanks dee " even though he consider dadi nothing more than Shanti Van furniture , he don’t want to create more problems to Khushi

he saw light in Khushi's room , and once again felt his decision to meet her was right . She is unable to sleep alone in dark! And here she is all waiting for him ..


How do you know …..

Khushi bow down and whispered .. I ..i Just felt ..

He hugged her , and she too , he felt her tears wetting his T , he consoled her and made her sit ..

He was not finding words . He confused how to explain her , though it is not needed at all

I m .. She was sad … he instantly hold on her hand stood up and said ..

I am sorry Khushi for everything I did ….. I am sorry ..

She instantly touched his lips , making him  stop speaking nahee Arnavji ..

You don’t need to be ..

No Khushi every time you explained that you don’t have any relationship with that Shyam and …

Nahee Arnavji ..Apkey jagah Koee bhee Hota ..

Merey jagah thum Hothey to Khushi ??

He was in his tears , serene feeling of redemption , unchallenged innocent pure , she don’t want him to see in pain .. She wiped off his tears ..

Mere Jagah Hota tho Khushi ? … he asked her again ..
She cupped his face and smiled through her tears ..

Apkey jagah Hum Hota tho …

Tho ? He questioned ..

Tho ..she blushed ..pehley hee Kah detha ..

He raised his eyebrow quizzically  ..

Ki ki .. I Love you too Dammit ..

He hugged her tightly pulling close to him , feeling her body very very close to him , so tightly , that she felt like choking ..

 He stopped , he felt his heartbeats rise and the desire overpowering his emotions .. Especially when he know well , the small girl in his arms , loves him so much …. Than he could ever wish for   or anybody would have evr loved him ..

He slowly nuzzled around her neck ,making her snuggle closer to his chest , then involuntarily she felt his tongue slowly touching ever softly feeling the sensitive skin on her neck … and then she dig her nails in his chest feeling something .deep inside her …she clutched to him …then he placed a very soft wet kiss on her milk white swan like neck ...and that’s it , she felt again the same Dhak Dhak …

She somehow detached herself from him and smiled sheepishly , he too felt little awkward not about what he ahs done , but losing his control and when he clearly knows nothing can be done ..sigh !..

Hi hi hi …she laughed ..uncomfortably ..

Ok .ghar mey apko doondlengey ..she reminded him  he smiled meaningfully ,slowly touching his chest where her claws might have made marks , soothing it

Dadiji ko patha chalengey …

He grinned wider ,, relax Khushi ..Akash sambalengey ..

Kya she stood up immediately ..Jeeju ko bhee Patah hi ..then sat feeling extremely shameful

Yea of course everyone Knows

He laid on his back , leisurely .. And said .." dee had said she will take dadi to Mandir In Morning .. So ..come on Khushi now light off and sleep .."

Ji ..Ap yaha ..soyengey … her eyes popped out

Where else I would sleep ,he questioned her and how will I sleep without this habit ...
And he raised his hand showing their entwined fingers ..with sparkling eyes , which lit her up too …


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  2. beautiful ! thank you ^_^
    (facebook id : Nadia Nadou)

    1. Finally One Commented ..Thanks Nadia ..Thank You Very Much ..

  3. kya baat hai Mee full swing mein ja rahee ho aj kal aur chah rahee ho aj kal...zaberdust likha hai 10/10 meri tarf sy.....keep writing :-)

  4. Aye hayeeee... Sweet yaar...
    Arnav bitwaa to full on flirt nikla yaarr...

  5. magicia.... breath ,eat, think &dream only arnav ....hi....hi..
    all the best dear

  6. superb....

    -Ju (India Forum Buddy)

  7. Really cute........


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