Thursday, August 9, 2012

OS : The Album: Humney Kuch Nahee Dekha ArnavJi!


Everybody was shocked , but actually expected too .


Last few hours they witnessed many GrandSon - Grandma Fight , and by now everybody have some remote unacknowledged sense that Their Grandma is not going to Go .


Khushi was in tears , they she heard a restless around and looked at the focus of the ruckus , to her  surprise she saw Arnav taking steps down again


And he stopped in front of Dadi and stretched his Hand and very rude manner and polite tone asked , "May I ?"


Dadi stared back at him , but succumbed to his ruthlessness and handed over the Album


He took it and took his gait back , and paused turned and grabbed the shocked Khushi's hand and dragged her to their room


When NK cant stop and let out The "Wow" everyone's attention turned to NK , and like every time he hold on his ears and muffled a sorry , and by then the couples had vanished .




Khushi locked their door and started to accuse Arnav



" Aap , aisa kyun barthav kar rahey hi ..etc etc.."


"Why are you behaving so disrespectful with Dadi , What everybody will think of you , I don’t mind whether dadi taunt me "


As Arnav too was in the rage of dadi's indifference with Khushi and Khushi's response , he got more angry


Shut Up Khushi


"Nahi shut Up , Ap Ko maafi mangane chhiye ,Humey Nahee Dekna abhee , kiseekey dil dukakar bilkul bee nahee  "

(you Hav eto tell her sorry and return this Album , I don’t want to see this album now , after making someone's feelings hurt , never I wish to see it )



Arnav gritted his teeth and spatted "You have to , Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada , You Have To , "


Arnav hold her wrist instantly and sat down on the incliner ,And in next movement she felt a tug at her arms and next moment she landed on his lap ,


She tried to squirm and get up , but in no vain as his iron grip is made her almost immobile



He put the Album in her lap and with one hand hold her tightly across her chest and with another he flipped the pages


" This is my Parents , on their wedding Day .."



" This is my Mother , This is her friend of school , It took on Dee's 12th birthday ..

He go on and on ---


This is Me and Anjali dee  On my Birthday  "


"she must be 16 then hi na Arnavji" Khushi commented

By then Khushi too forgot their fight , the situation and state and started to enjoy the sweet visit to past of her beloved , as Arnav too had subsided his rage a little back, mostly out of their intimacy and good old memories of his childhood with his sister and mother .009-2012-08-09


They started to discuss on photos and Arnav keep on explaining ,Instead of concentrating on pictures seriously  ,his eyes were fixed on her face , her sweetness and her cute smile that sent him to heights of heaven



"These section is Anjali dees when she was a baby and this is my Page .."

Khushi was slowly lingering her fingers on the photos as if she was feeling the touch of the cuteness of their babyhood , which of course she missed !


"Eek …"  she thrown down the album and Jumped out from his lap in a jerk ..and closed her face with her both hands and started to shiver .


What The , He somehow managed to catch the album and completely irritated by her sudden distance , her warmth ,


What happened , "Now come and sit and finish It " he commanded trie dto pull her again to his lap


Nahee .. Hum Kuch nahee dekha .

( No I haven't seen anything !!!)


she jumped and ran frantically and hid herself in the bathroom


Khushi comeback . He shouted , and he kept the album aside and knocked the bathroom door ,



Are you going to come out or not ..

Agar thum ab bee kahthee ho kuch nahee dekha come and see and finish the damn business!

If you are telling u havent seen anything ,come and see , and finish the Dman Business


Nahee Nahee nahee ,  Hum Nahee Ayengey

Chee ..Humey ..Kuch aur nahee Dekhna….  Laard Governor , kuch laaj sharam hey hee nahee …



No No No Never , I don’t want to see anything more , Shameless Lard governor


This time he did not missed anything and that made him thoughtful

What the !


Then he shook his head as if to throw away her tantrums


And took the album to close it and keep it safe


And then the picture he saw , made his whole face to turn in to deep red of tomato and he felt his whole body melted in embarrassment but strangely hard too !

--------------------------That’s It , Hope You Enjoyed ----------------------

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  1. hahaha trust Khushi to run away after seeing that rofl, nice OS

    1. its really fast ...i mean ur comment ..rofl

  2. Arrey yaar... Funny it was!!! :-D
    n guess wat!!! It came true actually..
    I was wishing 4 it 2 happen yaaar...
    and voilaaa!!! :-)

    1. me was doing dhinka chika ..when she said she has seen him naked , lol , i did not continued as i wanted readers to imagine , lol ...

  3. Very niceeeee....
    ASR really blushed today...

  4. i likes this os alot and i m looking forward to your future work

  5. Loved it :)

  6. Hahahaha!
    This was too good!

    Thank you for the PM!


  7. lol.
    so sweet.......

    -Ju (India Forum buddy)

  8. looool .... i luv d way khushi shys away ;))

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